Awareness for Misophonia on a Global Scale

It is with great pride that I announce the global release of “Quiet Please…”, a 93-minute documentary that explores the emotional and psychological toll that Misophonia has on both sufferers and those close to them. With this release, I have… Continue Reading


Online Distribution is Getting Closer

I just heard from the aggregator (the company that handles the assets of the film) that Quiet Please… has passed a high level quality control check; this is where they manually go through the film and the trailer frame by… Continue Reading


Screening at Converse College

I’m really excited to announce that Converse College, where we filmed the art segment with Jessica Gilbert, has decided to take the experience to the next level by screening Quiet Please…, to not only to their own students, but they… Continue Reading


The “Expanded Edition” Ships

Quiet Please… The Expanded Edition started production in January and finished filming in March.  After 3 months of post-production, including: editing the new segments, tightening up the original film, incorporating the new scenes with music, the film that I envisioned… Continue Reading