Screening at Converse College

I’m really excited to announce that Converse College, where we filmed the art segment with Jessica Gilbert, has decided to take the experience to the next level by screening Quiet Please…, to not only to their own students, but they are inviting the greater academic community, film faculty members in and around the area, as well as the public at large within the greater upstate of South Carolina. This is what awareness is all about; exposing new people to an invisible condition, such as misophonia.

The faculty and staff at Converse have been nothing but supportive and accommodating during every step of the project/process; I think it’s a true testament of their dedication to their students, and you can certainly feel the pulse when you’re on campus.

This is a real unique type of student outcome and achievement, one I haven’t been a part of yet in my 13 years on campus, nor, have seen in/around our community. -Professor Andrew Blanchard
I just want to thank everyone who is pulling this event together; I am very appreciative of that, and of everyone’s support. -Jessica Gilbert

The date of the screening is Thursday, October 26th in Daniel Recital Hall at Converse College in Spartanburg, SC. If anyone is interested in attending the screening, please email me and we’ll try to accommodate you. https://www.converse.edu/event/quiet-please-documentary-film-screening/

The Cast & Crew

Jeffrey Gould

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