Here you’ll find articles and interviews about the film as well as radio and TV appearances.  Once the film is complete, we’re hoping this page will be filled with positive reviews…but we have some time for that.  Thanks for your support and if anyone would like to interview director Jeffrey Scott Gould for their site, blog, newspaper, magazine, radio or TV show, please use the contact form.

Article on the front page of The Spartanburg Herald-Journal about a Converse College artist/student who was featured in Quiet Please…

Interview from We are Moving Stories website on Quiet Please… and living with misophonia

Article from Big Think website on Misophonia where Quiet Please… is mentioned

Article from Forbes website on Misophonia where the Director and the film are mentioned

Radio Interview about Misophonia and the film, by Nikki Sixx and Jenn from Sixx Sense

NikkiSixx-Sixx Sense

Interview by Chester Goad for the Huffington Post on my life with Misophonia and the film

Huffington Post Article

An article by Joyce Cohen for STAT News on Misophonia and the film Quiet Please… “Misophonia: When a crunch, chew or a sniffle triggers hot rage”

Stat News Misophonia Article

An article by Dean Plakas for SEV “Quiet Please–A Documentary on Misophonia”

SEV-Dean Plakas

An article by Jennifer Jo Kanter-Brout for the Observer “Misophonia: When Everyday Noises Can Make Your Life Unbearable”

Observer-Jennifer Jo Kanter-Brout

An article by Adrianne Jeffries about the film “There’s a New Film About Misophonia, Where People Get Enraged by Certain Sounds”


An article I wrote for Quiet Revolution about stepping out of my introvert shell and producing a film that could potentially help thousands of Misophonia sufferers and their loved ones.


 Jessica Murnane’s One Part Podcast-One Part Plant “Living With Misophonia In A Noisy World With Jeffrey S. Gould of Quiet Please”

Jeff Podcast

I appreciated the invite to give an update on the progress of the film, on Alexa’s 2 Year Anniversary of “Insight Into Healing” Blog Talk Radio Show


Honored to do an interview about Misophonia and the Documentary, for Psychologist Pamela D. Darcy on Psychology Today’s Blog

PToday Pic

“Quiet Please…gets a mention on the Today Show’s website that features a segment about the Wall Street Journal’s negative article about misophonia.


The Alexa Show featuring an interview with Quiet Please… director, Jeffrey S. Gould


Director, Jeffrey S. Gould on Alexa Servodidio’s radio show “Insight Into Healing” on 9/9/2015, click below to hear the show in full.


Article on Misophonia in the Philadelphia Inquirer, discussing director Jeffrey S. Gould’s life-long struggle with Misophonia and his film Quiet Please… to raise awareness. Click on the image to read the article.


An interview with “Quiet Please…” director, Jeffrey S. Gould in the premiere edition of Misophonia International Magazine

International magazine

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