The “Expanded Edition” Ships

Quiet Please… The Expanded Edition started production in January and finished filming in March.  After 3 months of post-production, including: editing the new segments, tightening up the original film, incorporating the new scenes with music, the film that I envisioned was completed in June.  I sent out 550 gratis streaming links to all of the IndieGoGo contributors and received positive feedback, saying how they didn’t think I could make it better…but that I did, and how the film felt more complete to them as well.  The DVD masters went to the duplicator and on July 25th, shipping began.  In addition to domestic orders, DVD’s were sent to: Israel, Australia, Canada, Ireland and the United Kingdom.  The film is available for purchase or streaming on this website.  The search for an online distributor will begin next week; if successful, I’m not sure that I’ll continue to sell DVD’s, so if a hard-copy of the film is something you’d like to have to share or for posterity, this might be the best time to order it.  Any orders for two or more DVD’s, include a signed poster by the artist, and director.

Jeffrey Gould

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