Online Distribution is Getting Closer

I just heard from the aggregator (the company that handles the assets of the film) that Quiet Please… has passed a high level quality control check; this is where they manually go through the film and the trailer frame by frame, to make sure it meets the requirement of iTunes, Amazon and Google Play. Here’s the message I just received: “I hope you are well. Your feature film passed Full QC and has been finalized. We are in process of ordering Closed Captioning and will submit your files to our encoding partner within 1 week or less. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks much!”

After this step has been completed, the film goes off to be translated into French and Spanish for subtitles.  There are a few steps once that is complete, but in the near future, you’ll be able to tell people “there’s a film on misophonia iTunes, Amazon (not Prime) and Google Play”. I’ll post once the film is live; pre-orders increase the chance of the film being noticed, because it has the potential of showing up as “trending” or “hot”…without that added boost and attention, it’s easy for the film to wind up in oblivion because most people won’t search for a film on misophonia, especially if they are not affected by it.

Jeffrey Gould

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