A Documentary on Misophonia

Hi, I’m Jeffrey Scott Gould, the director of a documentary called “Quiet Please…”. 4 years ago I received a life-changing phone call from a friend who informed me that the sound sensitivity I experienced for 50 years, was an actual disorder called misophonia; which literally means “hatred of sound”.

While doing research, I realized that there was a need for a film, that not only explored the emotional and psychological impact that misophonia has on a sufferer, but also on their relationships, family dynamic, careers, and basically every aspect of their lives as well. I also learned that there were tens of thousands of people around the world living with this disorder and its life-altering effects.  Contributions to the crowd-funding campaign, and inquires have come in from 22 countries; people experiencing the same reactions to sounds and in some cases, visuals that I have for most of my life; turns out, it’s not just a “quirk”…it’s real.

While the film is designed to enlighten the world about misophonia, I also feel that “Quiet Please…” has life-lessons for all of us, including: understanding, acceptance, compassion and compromise. Since starting the film in 2015, many people have reacted with “I suffer with similar symptoms, but I didn’t know it was a real condition”, and “Thank you Jeff for giving us hope and showing us that we’re not alone.” This is how awareness begins…and based on the emails and posts that I’ve read, the film is already making a difference in sufferer’s lives, as well as those closest to them.  Please view the trailer above; if you feel that you can relate or know someone who has these reactions to certain sounds, consider purchasing a DVD, Blu-ray, or Online Streaming of the complete film, with a running time of 1 hour and 50 minutes.  Thank you for all the support the film and I have received over the past two and a half years, this has been an incredible journey, but there’s still more work to do…