The Film

Quiet Please… is a documentary that explores the emotional and psychological ramifications of a neurologically based disorder called misophonia. I was drawn to the subject, not only because I have suffered with the condition for almost 50 years, but because I saw how I was able to effect change, by raising awareness and educating the people around me.

I plan to show what goes on behind the closed doors of a Misophonia home; the tensions and the conflicts, as well as the compromises and successes.  I want to hear stories firsthand; not only from the sufferers, but the people closest to them as well.

Even though this is an emotionally based film, we will also feature experts in the fields of Neurology, Psychology, Audiology, as well as other clinicians discussing their experiences with patients, possible coping options, and the current state of misophonia research.

In addition to in-depth interviews, we will incorporate cinematic montages that convey what a person with misophonia sees and feels when they are confronted by triggers…and while other filmmakers and news outlets have included the obvious triggers in them, my goal is to not include them. They’ll also be a musical element to the film, featuring the music of Paul Tabachneck…whose song “Misophone” had an emotional impact on me upon hearing the first line.  With Quiet Please…, I plan to produce a compelling, raw look into living with misophonia…please join me in bringing this vision to reality.