Filming has begun in the North East

It’s with great pride that I announce that filming has begun on Quiet Please… a documentary that explores living with misophonia. When I started to think about producing a film on misophonia, I knew I needed a solid cross-section of people to represent how misophonia affects people on a global scale, and from all walks of life. Some people found me through the various groups, but mostly I found them. I wanted people who handle their misophonia in various way; some are advocates, some are passive, some have hidden it up until this point and some stand on mountain tops and tell the world about their struggles…as well as how they cope. I’m very happy with the participants that I have put together, I think they’ll be people in the audience who will resonate with at least one of them…but hopefully more. Regardless, Quiet Please…will present a candid, honest look into the lives of these brave people, who are willing to leave themselves vulnerable, in the hopes of helping others. Here’s a few behind the scenes shot from last weekend, they include a musician, a college student, a hair stylist and a 17 year old race car driver.

Jeffrey Gould

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