Interview With Director Jeffrey Scott Gould

In late May, I had the tables turned on me and I was interviewed by one of Quiet Please… The Expanded Edition’s producers, Japhet Zayas.  I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and really had a lot more to say, but I… Continue Reading


Artist Segment for Expanded Edition

I wrote about my plans to expand Quiet Please, by including an artist who suffers from Misophonia, a support group, an Hispanic Mother and Daughter, as well as a few other scenes, but for now, here’s how filming went in… Continue Reading


7 States in 4 Weeks…

The weeks are flying by and so is our shooting schedule; we’ve filmed 12 interviews/segments, in 7 states…in the past 4 weeks. The shoots consisted of musicians, farmers, educators, medical professionals, stay-at-home Mom’s, hair stylists, as well as people from… Continue Reading