2015 Autumnal Update…


We’ve spent the past month capitalizing on the nice weather filming locally in NY and NJ. As a producer, you never know where your next subject will come from; in this case a friend of a person with misophonia, suggested she go to the film’s website; I’m glad she did because she’s an international Kettle Bell champion and a nice addition to the roster of people we have in the film. One of my many goals with the film is to show that even with this debilitating condition, you can be successful. You can see in the pics below all of the various slices of her life we captured.

Last week we filmed Melanie Herzfeld, a respected audiologist in Woodbury, NY, who provided us with diagnosing criteria as well as the various coping mechanisms an audiologist could provide. We also revisited two people who were in our trailer, to conduct more in-depth interviews and capture more of their day to day lives. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be filming in 8 different states: NJ, NY, RI, VA, PA, RI, MO and MA…which will account for 8 more interviews and one return visit to capture more interaction between a few couples in VA.

For November, we have a full schedule as well, including experts in the fields of Psychology and Neurology, at some very respectable universities, which I’ll announce once they are confirmed. I’m also talking tonight with a “celebrity in the miso world” about participating in the film, but I’ll save that for next update, along with ways how you can help make that happen. Thanks again for all your support, we’re working hard to bring you the film I promised.

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Jeffrey Gould

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  1. Both my sister and I have suffered from this affliction since early adolescence. I have met just one other person sharing these responses to triggers. I am encouraged that this condition is coming to the attention of the mainstream as well as professionals.

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