Overwhelmed by the Positive Response…

As a filmmaker, the ability to move someone to tears or to take action is why we do what we do. I’ve received so many letters, emails, FB messages about how the trailer alone, helped to start raising awareness about misophonia. I have to be honest, I just watched the trailer after not viewing it for 24 hours and I cried…perhaps I’m just overcome with emotion, based on the response of the positive response. Here are a few quotes from viewers. Jeffrey S. Gould, Director

“Jeff, this is incredible! Thank you for your commitment to this project!!!” –Madeline
“Jeff! Amazing work! Very talented! Please involve me!!!”-Michael
“Thank you!! Great job!! Nice editing! Powerful!”-Bernadette
“I love it, I love it, I love it!!!!”-Joyce
“Oscar goes to Jeffrey Scott Gould! It’s PERFECT! it’s so good Jeffrey you should be so proud of yourself”.-Jennifer
“Thank you, for having that rare quality of being able to gracefully merge passion and professionalism”-Judith
“Thank YOU! I am so excited and think this will raise awareness.”-Laura
“Hi Jeff, I finally had a chance to sit down and watch the trailer. I am blown away and, to be honest, in tears after watching. How perfect!”-Danielle

Jeffrey Gould

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