Changing Lives…

Since launching the campaign, I’ve received many emails thanking and praising me for the trailer and for taking an action; this is email stood out and made realize that we can make a difference…one person at a time.

“I wish I could do more! Thank you for getting the word out there and doing this project. Just with the trailer, watching it has changed my life! I have been living with miso for 20+ years. Like others, I had no idea there was an actual name.

I can’t even explain in words what it means to me, to know there are other people out there…that know EXACTLY what hell I have been living with. I have so many secondary issues because I’ve lived with this, I didn’t understand. Watching your trailer hit home with me on so many levels. So many emotions of knowing I am not alone. I can’t wait to see whats to come!”

Thank you!


Jeffrey Gould

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