My Six-Month Journey…

It’s hard to believe that the impetus of “Quiet Please…” started in a quaint New York City restaurant last December. While having lunch with my film composer friend Barbara Weber; she asked, “so what do you want to do with the rest of your life?”. I immediately replied “I want to direct a documentary on misophonia.” From that moment on, until I hit the publish button on this blog, every waking hour has been spent on researching the subject, as well as preparing a crowd-sourcing trailer/campaign for the film that I hope to have the opportunity to produce.

During this six months, I have spent hundreds of hours planning, building relationships with the misophonia community and then taking some of those relationships to the next level. Each person I came in contact with added something: an idea, an inspirational message when the project became larger than I ever imagined, and new friends and collaborators were met as well. This is by far my most personal project to date, as it’s not often that a person gets to bridge the gap between two very distinct aspects of their lives…in this case: misophonia and filmmaking.

As I prepare for the launch of the film’s IndieGoGo Campaign, I feel that the trailer matches my vision of how I see the completed film. Of course the film will have many more embellishments, but you can definitely get a sense of the style I was going for. As a filmmaker, all you can do is hope that you find an audience and that they resonate with that style as well. Regardless of whether the campaign reaches its goals or not, the past six months have been my most proud and creatively rewarding to date. I have many people to thank, but I’ll save that for a future post…

Jeffrey Gould


  1. My son has suffered for years. It’s a family disease/ disorder.. What your doing is necessary and commendable. Thank you. Everybody looses with Mosophonia. With exposure, maybe some can win.

    • Hi, I know we connected via email, but I just saw this and wanted to acknowledge your wonderful message…I truly appreciate it. The support I’m receiving is way above than what I was expecting. Jeff

  2. When will the documentary be out? I’m really looking forward to this film? My daughter & I have Misophonia.

    • Hi Dianna, Shooting will start once I know we’re funded, I estimate that will take 6 months as we traveling around the country and then 3 months of post production. I put 6/16 on the IndieGoGo campaign but I’m hoping a few months sooner. It’s a huge undertaking and I want to keep it fresh and fun for me and the crew and not get burnt out. Thanks for sharing. Jeff

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