Interview with Motley Crue’s Nikki Sixx

When opportunity knocked, I opened the door…  a contributor of the film wrote me asking when the IndieGoGo perks would be available and we started emailing back and forth and it turns out that this guy works on Sixx Sense; a rock oriented show on IHeartRadio.  I’ve been on the radio before, I’ve even been on national TV, was mentioned in the Wall Street Journal, and many other publications as well…but this was the first time I spoke to a rock icon about a topic that is close to my heart…misophonia.  If you’re on this site, then you know that I directed a film about the emotional and psychological impacts this conditions has and it was a great chance to share that info with a new audience.  Nikki’s co-host Jenn also sufferers with misophonia and you can hear that we really connected on many points.  Click on the pic to go to the show’s website and hit play, it’s 17 minutes long.

NikkiSixx-Sixx Sense

Jeffrey Gould

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