Private Screening…Asbury Park, NJ

Although there wasn’t as much fanfare as the screening in NYC, the Asbury Park screening was just as memorable. This event was more about showing the locals: friends, family, clients, what I’ve been working on for the past 18 months. There were also a few cast and crew members in attendance, as well as misophonia sufferers and their families, whom I’ve never met before…a really nice diverse mix, that a filmmaker dreams of.

As I wrote on my personal page, this was the first time I watched the film as a whole and almost completely disassociated myself from the production; which made it much more emotional for me.

Once the film was over, I thanked a few key people, including associate producers: Chris Insignares, Madeline Corrigan, Heerak Shah, and my neighbor Marcio and his girlfriend Christin for their help on the original crowd-sourcing trailer.

The audience was well-engaged and asked great questions, which initiated other conversations; when it comes down to it, that was the whole purpose of the film. That’s my Father who is standing up in the back, as he shared some heartfelt words about the film and me. Validation from your audience is great, validation from your peers is wonderful, validation from your parents…priceless. Thanks to all those who made the effort to attend and make it the event that I had hoped it would be.

Next stop…film festivals.

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Jeffrey Gould

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