Winter 2015 Update

As we say in the biz…principle photography is just about a wrap. We have our final shoot with a psychologist, who has treated misophonia patients. In addition to interviewing her, we’re going to film a consult between the Dr. and a teenager with misophonia, and her parents. Interviews are a great way to gather information, but organic conversations elicit footage that is relatable and beneficial to the audience.

Post-Production has begun, but this phase can’t be rushed…this is where it all comes together; so as much as I’d love to announce a completion date, I need to let the process take its course. I already have test audiences in place who will represent: the filmmaking community, the general audience and of course, the misophonia community. Once I receive feedback from these carefully chosen people, I will be ready to release the film to film festivals with confidence that I made the best film possible.

As usual, here are some behind the scenes pictures for your viewing pleasure, they include: Neuroscientist Joseph LeDoux from NYU, a family of 7 miso sufferers, and a PhD candidate in Cognitive Neuroscience from FAU.

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Jeffrey Gould

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