Quiet Please… The Expanded Edition Poster

It’s no secret that I’ve been the driving force and face behind Quiet Please… but I never imagined that my face would actually be on the poster and DVD art. When I approached Jessica Gilbert about filming the creation of one of her sound wave pieces, she suggested that I be the subject; due to my humble nature, I was apprehensive about it, but after talking to her and several others, I decided to break out of my comfort zone. In February, Chris Insignares and I flew down to capture the process in real time; we started mid-afternoon and finished around 3am, then drove to the airport and left 8:30am…with no sleep in 24 hours. To say that the trip was worth it, would be a complete understatement; the footage we captured on this trip was the glue to completing the art segment, and Chris and Jessica were real troopers.

So here’s the official poster of “Quiet Please… The Expanded Edition”, Jessica and I feel it captures the pain of Misophonia. From an artistic perspective, I think it’s a masterpiece made up of various mediums, techniques and the culmination of years of experience. The poster and DVD art were collaboration at its finest; I would design the text elements and send to Jessica for her input…it was important to me that I didn’t affect the integrity of her vision…while balancing my own vision for the branding of the film. Thank you Jessica; your art formed the foundation of all the graphic elements for the film moving forward, and you are forever a part of the film.

After Memorial Day, I’ll release the DVD art and will add the new perks for DVD’s, Blu-Ray’s, Posters and Tee Shirts, to the IndieGoGo campaign.  The link is on right side of each page on this website.  Feel free to write me with any questions.  Jeffrey Scott Gould

Jeffrey Gould

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