Quiet Please… Gets a New Trailer

February 13th marked the two-year anniversary of my very first post to the Misophonia Community, I asked if they would find value in a documentary about the condition (the rest is history) …so it’s apropos that I release the new official trailer for Quiet Please… on this day. While only a few clips have been updated, this trailer represents my vision of including a sufferer, who expresses the impact of living with Misophonia, through their art. The official trailer will evolve as we film more segments for the upcoming “Quiet Please… The Expanded Edition”. The original trailer that has been viewed over 50,000 times, as well as the initial IndieGoGo Crowd-Funding Trailer, which has been viewed over 100,000 times, will both reside on Action Media’s Vimeo Channel as well. https://vimeo.com/169136968
Some of the new segments for “The Expanded Edition” include: the aforementioned artist, Jessica Gilbert, a support group session, a Puerto Rican single Mother and her teen age Misophonic Daughter, who will tell their story of how they overcame many adversities related to growing up with Misophonia:

They’ll also be new artwork for the DVD Cover, Blu-Ray Cover, and Posters, by artist Jessica Gilbert…her creation process will be captured and included in the film. Many people have suggested that I make an appearance in the film, so I’m going to be interviewed by the film’s newest Producer, Japhet Zayas…he’s been a great collaborator, and he’s the perfect choice to “get into my head”; this segment will be included in the Blu-Ray version of the film and also on iTunes if they pick up the film.

While the film has had some press, festival selections and awards, I’m hoping that the extended version expands upon that success, as well as increases its exposure through festival screenings. With the inclusion of these segments/people, I am committed to making the best documentary on the emotional and psychological effects of Misophonia; Art, Community Outreach, Ethnicity, and Credible Experts, are all integral to a well-balanced film on this life-altering disorder.

Along with the new trailer and the announcement of the new segments, I’m reaching out at a critical time in the film’s path; distribution. We have a new Executive Producer, Steven N. Miller, who has generously contributed, to guarantee that the film has a fair shot at getting accepted on iTunes, Google, Amazon, and hopefully Netflix as well. While I still have more film dates scheduled, my goal is to complete the new version by late Spring…so we’re in the home-stretch and I need to know what I can provide in terms of extras, or what I’ll have to forgo for now.  Here’s the link: https://igg.me/at/QuietPlease/x/10179604

Once “The Expanded Edition” is released, they’ll be opportunities for Blu-Rays, DVD’s and original signed art Posters, by Jessica and myself. As promised, anyone who contributed for a DVD or greater amount, will receive a 48-hour link to view the final film.

Jeffrey Gould

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