Interview With Director Jeffrey Scott Gould

In late May, I had the tables turned on me and I was interviewed by one of Quiet Please… The Expanded Edition’s producers, Japhet Zayas.  I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and really had a lot more to say, but I wanted to keep it relatively brief.  I discuss misophonia in general and also some behind the scenes in making the film, and even how it almost didn’t get made.  A special thanks to Japhet Zayas, Chris Insignares and Paul Zingone.

Jeffrey Gould


  1. My mother, sister, and I suffer from Misophonia. I can’t wait to watch your film. Thank you for making the film. I wonder if the Misophonia is connected with other mental illnesses. My sister is bipolar and my mother and I suffer from major depressive disorder. My sister has found some relief of the intensity of misophonia with the drug Prozac.

    • Hi Cindy, sorry for the delay, this site gets so much spam (about 15,000 posts). It’s so hard to distinguish one disorder from another, when they feed off each other. There may be some connection, but for me I just have misophonia, and Epstein Barr, which is viral…together they are a rough combo. A woman wrote me last night, after showing the film to her daughter’s therapist and the therapist asked the same question you did, to which the mother replied “perhaps those other disorders are the result of misophonia?” great point. Thanks for sharing. Jeff

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