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I wrote about my plans to expand Quiet Please, by including an artist who suffers from Misophonia, a support group, an Hispanic Mother and Daughter, as well as a few other scenes, but for now, here’s how filming went in South Carolina a month ago at Converse College. Planning the shoot was a large undertaking: coordinating faculty’s schedules, crew schedules, timing & logistics, but before the shoot, there needed to be structure and questions in place for Jessica, her professor Andrew, and topics of conversation for Jessica and her fellow-artist friend, April. I chose a very wise, intelligent and creative man, named Japhet Zayas to collaborate with; his input took the sequence to a new level, with his deep, introspective and thought provoking questions. Some of you might have seen his replies on this page in the past, as they are always followed up with many “likes”. Japhet is a writer who believes in the power of the written word to communicate ideas, especially when combined with film: the resulting synergy enhances the viewers experience, by magnifying its educational and emotional impact. He has drawn from his studies in psychology, the history of art, and his research into the coping mechanisms of artist, who transmute their conflicts into artistic expression. I also credit myself as a producer, for recognizing his vast talents; that’s what a smart producer does. Speaking of talent…

Chris Insignares has been on board the QP Express since the very first shoot in the New England area, in the Summer of 2015 and he’s even more valuable now. Chris has so many talents, that there’s not even a title for all that he brings to me and the film. First and foremost, we enjoy each other’s company…that helps on 10 hour car trips and 12 hours days, but it goes beyond that; Chris has the ability to anticipate what I’m going to need and he takes the initiative; to a producer, director, cinematographer whose wearing even more hats than those, it’s a priceless quality. There are many times that I’m so caught up in capturing a scene, that I miss the smaller details…but he always has my back. Not only does he have a total command of all the equipment, he strives to learn more and he’s pretty handy with Google; not to mention, he takes the most amazing behind the scenes shots, which you see here. If you see us working together, you’ll most likely hear me say “brilliant Chris”, “flawless”, “you got it!”, or “POW!”…it’s important to give credit where it’s due.

If all that talent wasn’t enough to pique your interest, then here’s a guy, who has as many credits as I do in the film: Paul Zingone ,he was interviewed for the film, he printed up the Quiet Please… shirts (modeled here, by us), and he even flew down, on his own dime, to assist with Jessica’s interview and her conversation with April. It was great to have another person on the team, and I feel that I got to know him a little better…and I’ll be forever thankful for his hard work, diligence, work ethic and for being an all-around good guy, who cares about everything he’s involved in.

I also need to thank Dean Boone Hopkins, Chair Department of Art & Design, Susanne Floyd Gunter, Professor Andrew Blanchard (he gave an amazing interview), and Converse College as a whole for accommodating us, in a first-class fashion. Also a special thanks to Spartanburg Library’s Art Coordinator, Miranda Sawyer, and Michele Deudne, Executive Director of the Upstairs Art Space in Tryon, North Carolina, where Jessica interns, for granting us permission to film in her gallery.  I’m looking forward to sharing this segment, as well as other new additions to the film, in a few months.

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Jeffrey Gould

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