The Film

Quiet Please… is a documentary that explores the emotional and psychological ramifications of a neurologically based disorder called misophonia. I was drawn to the subject, not only because I have suffered with the condition for 50 years, but because I saw how I was able to effect change, by raising awareness and educating the people around me.

Even though this is an emotionally based film, I included experts in the fields of Neuroscience, Psychology, Audiology, as well as other clinicians discussing their experiences with patients, possible coping mechanisms, and the current state of misophonia research.

Misophonia not only affects those who are afflicted, but those who are closest to them as well.  As hard as it is to live with this condition, it also takes a toll on families and relationships…which is why it was important for me to get their perspective as well.  I filmed many successful relationships and family dynamics; it takes work, compromise, understanding and compassion from all of those who are affected by misophonia.

While other filmmakers and news shows have included the obvious triggers in their works, I went out of my way not to include gratuitous or sensationalized sounds or visuals, however, there’s no such thing as a trigger-free film, just as there’s no “one-size fits all” with misophonia.  It was important to me to include the arts, not only for therapy, but for advocacy as well; there’s the music of Paul Tabachneck…whose song “Misophone” had an emotional impact on me upon hearing the first line, a poem recital by Julie R.M. Chesters from the United Kingdom, titled “No Choice”, and an artist from South Carolina who took the pain of her misophonia and transmuted it into her paintings…not only to be therapeutic, but to raise awareness as well.  Her artwork became the poster of the film, when she suggested drawing me; I then filmed the process and incorporated it into the film.  I hope you find the film worthwhile, validating, cathartic, and informative.  -Jeffrey Scott Gould, Director