Letters & Reviews

Since starting Quiet Please… 6 years ago, I’ve received hundreds of letters, reviews and comments from people who have been impacted by the trailer and by the film itself; here’s some of those emails and posts.

“My name is Lauren Stuart and I am 23 years old. I am writing to let you know that you have changed my life with your documentary, Quiet Please. I am sure you’ve been receiving an overwhelming amount of responses and emails, so I’ll try to keep this as short as possible! I’ve watched the film twice and since then, have been trying to put into words what I feel. You have created something really really great. My Misophonia story is not much different from everyone else’s. When I was about 8 years old, I started to discover that I didn’t process ordinary sounds the way everyone else did. I can honestly say that I would have done a lot better in school had I not had this disorder. I suffered in every classroom because it was always snack time or someone brought a pack of gum and felt like being generous that day and sharing. I had the most intense anxiety everyday knowing which classes had the loudest chewers and knowing I’d have to sit in the same room as them for hours on end. This anxiety about being in a classroom of noisemakers followed me all the way through college and I can honestly say it never got better for me. It was my own personal hell. Being out of that classroom setting has definitely helped my Misophonia. However, I am a little anxious and scared for when I get a job in my field in a studio office setting just because of what I have been through in the past.

I genuinely thought I was insane until I was around 16 when my dad sat me down and opened up a folder of research he had gathered on this disorder called Misophonia. That was honestly one of the happiest moments of my life, and I know you can relate on a personal level. No greater feeling than finding out that you’re not alone. It was very cool to hear other people in the film with miso talk about the moment they found out it has a name—brought a smile to my face. Just like the others in the film mentioned, the 20/20 episode was my way of having something for my friends and family to watch and understand. Now I have Quiet Please and I just know this is what is going to help them all better understand what goes on in my head.

What I really love about your film is how much you focused on just how much this disorder affects relationships and the guilt that comes with that. Like you said in the email to my dad, “It’s not easy living with someone with miso, but not impossible either.” I got very lucky with my parents and sister; they have been very supportive and understanding of it all. I don’t know where I would have ended up if that weren’t the case. The worst thing about Miso is how much it ruins relationships with the people you’re the closest to, and the film really emphasizes that in the best way.

Another thing I absolutely loved in the film was the artist segment, for obvious reasons. Jessica is so courageous and her art is absolutely inspiring in so many ways. Her entire segment left me in tears. Absolutely amazing.
Having Misophonia is an everyday battle, but it’s people like you and those in the film who remind me I am not alone. I appreciate your work and your support. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you have created.” -Lauren Stuart

“Dear Jeffrey, my husband and I just finished watching your film “Quiet Please”! I wanted to message you while my emotions are still high. Our 13 year old son Alex (14 in April) is a severe sufferer of Misophonia. It was just last year that we discovered his disorder, yet he has been suffering all his life, alone, and in silence, pulling himself through each day at school, and suffering through our family time together at home. I have done quite a bit of research about Misophonia and feel as though I’ve gained an understanding of my child’s suffering. What a painful education it’s been as a mother…feeling helpless most days knowing my child is in physical and emotional pain, and I can’t fix it. 😢 I can only imagine being Alex and the toll this awful disorder takes on him each day.

THIS FILM!!!!….wow!……validation, raw emotion, vulnerability, pain, empathy, strength, sorrow, beauty etc.!!! Thank you, and thanks to the others for the courage to share their pain! We’ve gained more knowledge from watching your film than we have in the past 11 months from reading articles and books about Misophonia! Being able to see and feel the emotions radiating in each interview as they articulated their experiences was intense!! I would just like you to know that we will be sharing your film with all of our family, friends, our local school, and my bakery customers as an educational tool. I would also like to purchase 4 DVD’s when you make more copies. Please let me know how I can do that. Sorry, I’m not a writer, just an emotional mom who rambles. Thanks for listening, thanks for touching our hearts with such an amazing film, and know that your work and effort is helpful.” -Andrea

“Hi Jeff! I just have to say that I’m a huge fan of your work and this film in particular! You did an outstanding job with bringing awareness to misophonia, this film was so beautifully composed that when I watched for the first time the emotion was overwhelming. To see that there really are other people out there in the world who deal with the same things as me was just an indescribable feeling. To also be able to share this film with my friends and family in hopes of educating them about miso is something I am forever grateful for to you and everyone involved in this project. Thank you for this film, and for spreading awareness and education on the subject in such a stunning visual media.

I do honestly want to thank you again for all of your hard work on this film and bringing light to misophonia. You and your work on this film have inspired me to pursue my dreams of creating a documentary which I am currently in the process of filming. Thank you a million times!” -Rae

“I’m going to give a copy of your film to our local library that is right across the street from our brain injury hospital. I’m also going to give it to the only doctor in San Diego that helps with Miso, And I’m going to give it to an audiologist who has worked with me over the years. We watched your film a few nights ago and it was incredible! It made me and my husband cry because I didn’t feel alone anymore. I appreciated that you didn’t put triggers in your film, not even accidental triggers you were very mindful of that. The word thank you just isn’t enough! You brought so much awareness to our disorder and you’ve helped our families and friends understand! I could gush all day long! You’re pretty much the hero to us all! Take care and know so many people respect and love you!

I meant it with all of my heart! I would be happy to share it with the world! I’ve been running around with my DVD under my arm like its some kind of Bible, asking my family members to watch it! We just bought a new floor safe, and I had put it inside the safe, my husband laughed at me because I obviously felt it was that valuable! Ha ha! I’ve since then put it on the bookshelf knowing that I can replace it and that I have others on the way! It’s always so nice that you answer personally. You’re really great guy, Jeffrey. All the best to you!”-Melanie”

“Wow, what an amazing documentary! I just wanted to give every person in it a big huge hug while I was watching. Jeffrey, what a great accomplishment. I am so glad I took that chance and reached out to you when you first posted about making a documentary. You are so professional and dedicated, thank you so much for bringing sensitive awareness to Misophonia. It is so important for people to know they are not alone in this.” -Sheri

“In a word, POWERFUL. I received my DVD today and saw the word “emotional” on the packaging; but since I already knew about Misophonia, and have Misophonia, I didn’t think it was going to affect me. Well, it’s three tissues later, and I am emotionally spent. Beautifully and skillfully filmed. Jeff, you have every reason to be exceptionally proud of this gift you have given the world. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that it took for you to create this film and to realize your dream. It is going to make a substantive difference to those who have Misophonia, those who need to know about it, and those who will hopefully do something about it. Thank you to all who were brave enough to participate in the documentary and for being willing to share your lives with us. One person CAN make a difference, and each of you have. My heartfelt thanks to everyone who did their part to help make this film a success. I can’t wait until additional copies can be purchased so that I can hand them out to doctors, friends, and family. Again, congratulations!”-Jacquie

“Mr. Gould, I can not thank you enough for creating this film. I just finished watching it for the first time and it has given me a new sense of determination to overcome this disorder and not let it control my life. What you have made is so so so important. Hearing other people put into words what I never could lifts an immense weight off of my shoulders. This has given me a new hope for a future where sounds do not control my life in every aspect of everything I do. I have always viewed Misophonia as something I have no control over, which even though this it still technically true, I now feel better equipped to fight this. I know it’ll be a journey, but this documentary has changed my life and made me realize that I have the power to take control of my life by spreading awareness of this disorder and working everyday towards the life I know I could have. This film means everything to me and there are no words or actions that could accurately express my thankfulness for you and everyone who worked to make this film a reality. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”-Hannah

“People were talking, but my words were coming out of their mouths.”
There is really no better way to sum up what I felt this weekend. As I watched and listened to people I had never even met, I could honestly feel and relate to every word that was spoken. A room full of people just like me who have all gone through life sharing this incredibly emotional, confusing, and exhausting experience…surreal doesn’t even begin to cover it. I will forever be thankful to the incredible Jeffrey Scott Gould for being brave, taking a stand and creating Quiet Please. I left New York feeling completely recharged. I am more optimistic and hopeful than ever!! Thank you to everyone who was a part of this film.”-Casey

“The film was very well done with a variety of people. It included both younger and older people, males and females, in varying stages of life. It was sad for me as a parent to hear of the long term suffering that many have dealt with but at the same time it gave me much hope for the future. Each participant touched a different heart string but what they all had in common was their strength and determination to keep on working to never allow their “condition” to define who they are. There is strength in numbers and our community is growing. My daughter is almost 19. She is included in the film but has yet to view it. I have no problem with her watching as it validates what she is going through and reinforces, she is not alone. She is already friends with a couple of others who were in the film so she now has peers who understand her completely. If any parents have reservations about allowing their child to view the film I personally believe the fears are unfounded (although each parent knows their own child better than anyone and it may not be of any interest for young children). For anyone who suffers, this is their reality. I look forward to sharing the film with my family and friends. I think it may be quite eye opening for all.” -Leslie

“I want to compliment you on the movie – it truly exhausted me, such an emotional rollercoaster. As a mother of a misophone it has been a difficult journey at times and many tears have been shed in our house. You really captured the essence of the illness and I wanted to commend you. My daughter, although 10 and too sensitive to watch the movie, feels empowered that people will have an opportunity to understand her better. When she put her t-shirt on she said she felt like she was in a warm hug from someone who finally understood her.  I’m so glad she is not growing up just thinking she is crazy like children before her – that there is a name and research on her condition. Some of the comments in the movie will help me as I move forward raising her – things to keep in mind and be mindful of. I am so appreciative as well. I can’t wait to share it with my husband and my son watched a portion of it. I’m sure it has helped him feel more compassion for his sister.”-Deb

“Definitely, it’s emotional. Very well done, Jeffrey. He’s woven a great theme, which must be quite difficult when you start with a thousand clips some of which are a few second, some a few minutes. He covers what is it, how does it affect me, how does it affect others, how do I cope, and so on. Towards the end of the film, there are remarkable stories from several families. All throughout, despite the sad moments, he somehow maintains hope. I highly recommend it to all sufferers and their families.” -Mike

“I watched the film last night… wow, I applaud you on everything that you have done. I know so much went in to the making of it. I was in tears. My face is literally swollen. I love that I have something to show family and friends which I have never had before… misophonia is so complicated, and difficult to explain. And I feel like this makes it easier. More relevant. So many people I’ve tried to explain it to just think I’m crazy. And they still might. But this validates so much for me, and makes me feel less alone and isolated. Thank you Jeffrey, from the bottom of my sound ridden heart.” -Emileigh

“I just watched this over the weekend. Wow! Just wow! Thank you so much to Jeffrey Scott Gould for making this. And thank you from the bottom of my heart to the courageous women and men who came forward in this film to tell their stories. You are powerful, you are strong, you are beautiful, you are inspirational.” -Lisa

“Was so pumped to find my “Quiet, Please” DVD in the mailbox over the weekend, and so, so impressed when I watched it. It is beautifully constructed, with such a wonderful variety of misophones bravely sharing their lives and experiences. Poignant, educational, and finally uplifting. I’ll be doing my part to encourage as many people as possible to view it and educate themselves.” -Nancy

“This is a powerful movie for fellow sufferers, and could not be any more transparent. I don’t think there’s one scene you can’t identify with. Some more, some less of course, but all will have you nodding your head. There’s a terrible sadness to it, seeing how we’re all locked in to our own ways of coping, always on guard. And those poor souls who have it to such an extreme, that was tough to watch. I wasn’t triggered by anything in the movie, but the more sensitive folks might be. Keep in mind you’re in control of the remote.

You may want to watch the 20/20 special prior to this, if you haven’t already, as its referenced a couple of times. For our fellow non-sufferers who don’t completely “get it”, I hope this film helps, especially if you’re a trigger person. And even those that already do get it, knowing you’re not alone may help. My wife, who has yet to finish watching, was surprised to see such a smart person with it. There may have been a perception there that some extra level of intelligence could overcome it. It’s an equal opportunity condition.” -Rex

“Dear Jeffrey, 11:30 pm…I’m sitting in my living room alone and silent. Everyone else is asleep. I finished Quiet Please about 20 minutes ago and I am still basking in the warmth and emotion of the whole experience. Seriously, you nailed it! I wish I could share this touching, educational and sensitive story with everyone I know….I will certainly try. It’s a complete understatement to say that I can relate to every one of the incredible people you selected to take part in this masterpiece. You are ALL courageous, generous souls and I thank you with all my heart. I know my miso, as challenging as it’s been and continues to be, is not as severe as some of the cases in your film…I’m one of the lucky ones I guess. WOW, who knew a documentary could be so riveting 🙂 no spoilers here of course, but anyone still waiting to see it will NOT be disappointed!!! And the added bonus of seeing my name in the credits…very cool and humbling! Thank you for all you have done for so many.”-Kathy

“Hi Jeff, I wanted to let you know that the other night Larry and I watched your documentary. It is so good! The information is so clearly presented and the experiences of the folks featured are expertly represented. It is powerful! I believe it we’ll help folks with misophonia find their power. Once they know how many people have this condition they can organize for funding for more research, PR, treatment, accommodations and even an annual or biannual conference.

The edits are great and the camera work is fabulous. I am also concerned about children with misophonia. Diagnosis! How many manifest “behaviors” as a form of copy and are misdiagnosed with behavior problems or other conditions?”- Lucille

Hello Jeff!
“You don’t need to thank me, I need to thank you. I have to tell you that my husband has always pretty supportive of my Misophonia except in this one area. I couldn’t get him to understand that his repeated “infraction” at the exact same place and the exact same noise just sends me through the roof. He didn’t understand my explosive anger. Other times when he triggered me I would just tell him to stop it. After watching the movie 🎥 he has a much better understanding. It explained the disorder to him from someone whose not me. Does that make sense?…lol. It opened up a dialogue about the issue when we were both calm and the explanation came from someone else other than me. I just kept saying “That’s it, that’s what I mean.”…lol. Things have been much better and so far he hasn’t repeated the same offense….lol. I might parole him 😜 So thank you for making the film and for producing this awesome t-shirt that I can wear to places I get triggered and bring awareness.” -Guiselle

Thanks, Jeff!! We’ll be anxiously awaiting. I am thrilled to pieces that we can watch it!!! I thought we would have to travel out of state in order to view it….we tried to go to the NY premiere but couldn’t.

Bless you for what you’ve done and continue to do. Thank you for ensuring to represent cross-socioeconomic classes. Unending thanks for how you are changing the world. You’re a gift to us for delivering raised awareness in a classy format to which non misophonics can relate. A seemingly impossible task until you arrived on scene. 😊

If there’s anything I can do from Colorado to help you, please keep me in mind. You are a marvel to me. My wife suffers from very severe misophonia (countless visual triggers, too) and is having much success with EMDR treatments. It’s changing our world. The hearing aids & other bluetooth technologies also help manage it better.” -Julie

“I am so glad that I mentioned how impressed my fiancé was with the meticulous attention to detail that went into shielding viewers from possible triggers, because you revealed information about the editing process that goes largely unnoticed. It deserves to be mentioned again, because it highlights just one of the massive sacrifices you made of yourself. That sounds equivalent to enduring waterboarding… willingly… all in the name of raising awareness.

It makes the documentary ten times more important to me. I know everyone else that read(s) those couple of sentences feels (will feel) the same. How in the hell did you do it? Did the process take longer because you needed to take breaks? Did you ever consider giving in to your pain and hiring someone else to do the majority of the editing the sounds out?” -Heather (the answer to that Heather, is no)

“Hi all! I finally got to watch the film last (at long last), and to say that I was blown away by it would be a vast understatement! I found it to be profoundly moving, sad, enlightening, humorous (at times), and yet still brimming with hope for those of us who are tortured by this devastating condition. Jeffrey, you are indeed a master filmmaker and your talent is beyond measure. Thank you for giving this incredible gift to the world.” -Rob

“I watched your movie a couple nights ago and before the link expired I watched it again with my boyfriend, at several parts of the movie I cried, because it really is a great feeling knowing that I’m not alone and that this condition now has a name and it’s just so amazing knowing it’s finally getting acknowledged, yet we all know there’s still a long road ahead of us to finding a cure, this is already a huge step.

The whole time I was watching it, I couldn’t stop thinking “God, I need to share this movie with my father who also suffers from misophonia, and my mom who never understood him and I…” so many people I wish I could share this movie with, but I am from Brazil, where we speak Portuguese, the only way they could watch it and understand it, is if there was translation. I’m assuming your documentary probably hasn’t been translated to any languages yet, but I’d love to somehow someway collaborate and translate it, at least to Portuguese so I could share it with my Portuguese speaking family and friends.

If you have any ideas or thoughts on how we could make this possible I’d be even more grateful to you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” -Carina (Carina and I are going to work on a Portugese Subtitled Version in the near future)

“Jeffrey, thanks so much! I received the DVD and watched it with my partner. It was a fantastic vehicle to help us have a conversation about misophonia. We both learned a lot, and I got relief from hearing so many others articulate the frustration and loneliness I have been feeling my whole life. Also, I think your film helps my partner to understand me and not take things personally.

So far, my partner (Jesus) has been extremely understanding. While we watched your film, we paused it several times so that he could ask me questions, particularly in terms of our relationship. Seriously, Jeffrey…. your documentary has HELPED our relationship get on the right footing. He learned SO much about me and my condition by watching it with me. I think we’re both better prepared to move forward with our relationship because of your film. I hope that gives you some solace in this difficult time. Thanks again for making the film!” -Cory

“I received my “Quiet Please” DVD today. In a word, POWERFUL. I saw the word “emotional” on the packaging, but since I already knew about Misophonia, and have Misophonia, I didn’t think it was going to affect me. Well, it is three tissues later, and I am emotionally spent.
It is beautifully and skillfully filmed. Jeffrey Scott Gould, you have every reason to be exceptionally proud of this gift you have given the world. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that it took for you to create this film and to realize your dream. It is going to make a substantive difference to those who have Misophonia, those who need to know about it, and those who will hopefully do something about it.

Thank you to all who were brave enough to participate in the documentary and for being willing to share your lives with us. One person CAN make a difference, and each of you have. My heartfelt thanks to everyone who did their part to make this film a success. I can’t wait until additional copies can be purchased so that I can hand them out to doctors, friends, and family.”- Anonymous

“For the last two weeks I have been down in a deep dark well of sadness and anxiety. I’ve been too weak to even try and get out. When my daughter started triggering me a few weeks ago, I knew my worst fear had happened. In these past two weeks, I’ve been hiding in my bedroom with only small amounts of interactions. The guilt and anxiety has almost gotten the better of me. But tonight I watched your film. Thank you Jeff for giving us hope that we’re not alone. Thank you for giving us hope of successful relationships. Thank you for giving our spouses hope, and people to relate to. Most of all thank you for giving me a sliver of hope tonight; that I will be a good mother and wife, even with miso. Thank you Jeff…” -TL

“I probably won’t tell you anything that you haven’t heard 100 times from everybody else but here it goes… First, I was so touched that my in-laws watched the film. It seemed to deeply move them with a renewed sense of sympathy, for the lack of a better word. Over the phone, they exclaimed, “Hey, these people from all over the world have almost all of the same triggers that you do!” It made misophonia seem that much more “real” to them.

My parents watched it too. I wasn’t there when they viewed it but I have seen a big change over the years with their attitude towards this affliction. Of course, when I was a child and teenager (before I found out this thing had a name), my folks were not understanding, they thought I was just being controlling, intolerant and a spoiled brat. I suppose I can’t blame them, they didn’t know any better. But, like everyone else with this disorder, there were many fights with siblings and parents, the worst being with my dad. Once I discovered that, “It has a name!!!!”, my family was more understanding but I still walked on eggshells.

Fast forward to after my parents watched the documentary, I saw a huge change in my dad, especially. Last month, before Christmas, knowing I was expected to stay at my parents’ house (which I can no longer do due to miso) to spend the holidays with them and with out-of-state relatives…..I was freaking out. A house full of people and all the noises and sounds, I felt torn. I wanted to see everyone but didn’t know if I could stay there. I called my dad and I started to cry. I told him that I was having immense anxiety over my miso and feared I wouldn’t be able to come home for Christmas and see everyone. Dad said, “I will do everything in my power to help you. We support you 100%!!” He then repeated it twice more.

*** Cue the waterworks! ***

I sobbed, but this time, these were tears of joy. When I arrived at my parents’ place, my dad kept giving me big hugs and said he really enjoyed the film, though it made him sad. Does my miso still cause hard feelings and strife sometimes? Yes. But the change I’ve seen in my dad’s attitude really overwhelmed my heart with love and gratitude. My siblings say they’d like to watch the film too. I hope they do someday.

Of course, I watched the documentary too. I feel ashamed to admit this but it took me a long time to get the guts to watch it. I’m sorry. I’m an emotional person and I was afraid it would “hit too close to home” and I had to wait until I was in the mood for a good cry.

When I pressed “Play”, I didn’t want it to end. Yes, I cried at times, but I also laughed out loud. And smiled out loud. And fell in love with the people you interviewed. I also watched the trailer for the film and I was so excited when I got to see and hear you on screen. Now, I’m just sorry I waited so long to watch it! Thank you, Jeffrey!” -Kristel

“The film surpassed my expectations completely. It was excellent. I really connected to every person there, felt like these are real people with a real issue, the emotion they conveyed when talking about their experiences was captured so well. And so important were the views from spouses or family members that weren’t misophonia sufferers. My husband watched it (not a sufferer) and although he has been an amazing support anyway, really felt even more enlightened and understanding afterwards. The film also shows different levels of misophonia and how extreme and all-encompassing it can become especially when no treatment is sought.
Well done on an amazing film, it was absolutely perfect and just what the misophonia community needed.” -Lisa

“I just want to say CONGRATULATIONS!!!! It is an amazing film and you definitely deserve this! I actually just received my copy in the mail about a week ago and have watched it several times already. It makes me cry every time… You have touched my heart and I know, many other’s also. Thank you so, so much for dedicating you time, money and energy into making this film. I am very grateful.. and hopeful.. for once, that maybe.. just maybe.. there will be a proven treatment in my lifetime, because I am so tired of suffering from misophonia and I don’t even want to think about living my full life, without any kind of relief from this. I truly believe that because of your film and dedication to the misophonia community.. others will watch, listen, understand and come up with a solution. Thank you Jeffrey….” -Melissa

“The film surpassed my expectations completely. It was excellent. I really connected to every person there, felt like these are real people with a real issue, the emotion they conveyed when talking about their experiences was captured so well. And so important were the views from spouses or family members that weren’t misophonia sufferers. My husband watched it (not a sufferer) and although he has been an amazing support anyway, really felt even more enlightened and understanding afterwards. The film also shows different levels of misophonia and how extreme and all-encompassing it can become especially when no treatment is sought. Well done on an amazing film, it was absolutely perfect and just what the misophonia community needed.” -Lisa

I just want to say CONGRATULATIONS!!!! It is an amazing film and you definitely deserve this! I actually just received my copy in the mail about a week ago and have watched it several times already. It makes me cry every time… You have touched my heart and I know, many other’s also. Thank you so, so much for dedicating you time, money and energy into making this film. I am very grateful.. and hopeful.. for once, that maybe.. just maybe.. there will be a proven treatment in my lifetime, because I am so tired of suffering from misophonia and I don’t even want to think about living my full life, without any kind of relief from this. I truly believe that because of your film and dedication to the misophonia community.. others will watch, listen, understand and come up with a solution. Thank you Jeffrey…. -Melissa

“Jeffrey, I played 2 minutes of the documentary in my daughter’s 504 meeting at school. There was a school director, a guidance counselor and her teacher in attendance. It has made a huge improvement in her daily struggles at school because they now believe that misophonia is real! She is only 9 and was mostly masking her response (or possibly freezing in that fight-or flight moment). Her teacher has finally stopped chewing gum in front of her so we cannot thank you enough for taking the time to make this documentary. Many thanks to everyone who helped and every time I hear “No one should have to live this way…” I cry. We have since found two more children and one adult in Charlotte, NC who also suffer. It helps her to know she is not alone. You all have made a difference in the life of a child who was drowning, thank you!” -Julie

“I was a the Misophonia Convention this weekend so I got to watch the film for a second time and my mom got to finally see it! We immediately donated to get the DVD version because my friends and family need to see this. No matter how well I try to explain Misophonia and how it makes me feel, it’s hard for them to understand. I think seeing this film will drastically change the way my friends and family see my condition; I plan on having a little viewing party for my friends! From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for what you’ve done for the Misophonia community. We probably wouldn’t be as far as we are without you.” -Hannah

“Thank you so very much. I have very deep appreciation for the creation of this film. I am a loving mother of a otherwise kind, gentle, beautiful and talented young lady who has suffered with Misophonia since childhood. Even though I believe in never EVER giving up hope, I honestly thought I would never see these days where such progress would be made, enlightening others so they could be begin to understand the unseen despair that accompanies Misophonia. As you know the work you have done in creating the film is essential to the progress of breaking through and enlightening the unaware. You cannot be thanked enough for your efforts helping to set passable paths and unblocked doorways toward less suffering for people with Misophonia. With all my unending support, I look forward to the future and wish you the very best.” -Teresa

“Jeffrey- Thank you for what you’re doing.  When we first noticed our daughter’s distress, we brought it up with her pediatrician and was told it was a behavior issue.  Months of family counseling made it far worse.  I had no idea this was even a disorder until I started doing a little research, and we are finally on the path to getting help.  So I am so grateful to people like you who are getting the word out that this is a real condition, with real suffering!  Thank you, thank you, thank you. I hope you will consider producing more t-shirts and stress balls…this would help raise awareness.  Anything to increase exposure to the disorder is a huge help! Again…thank you…and keep up the great work!” -Amy

“Dear Jeffrey, Thank you so much for sending the film and shirt. I JUST finished watching the film, and am in tears, really, at my office, sobbing, with recognition, resonance, compassion, sympathy and more. I admire and applaud, love and laud what you’ve done and are doing. Would that I could help more. But know that I am grateful and am with you, supporting you all the way. Congratulations, good luck the rest of the way, and let’s keep in good touch.” -Warmly, Andrew

“I need to share this with you. I saw a family today. They have a 14 year old son who is Autistic and has Misophonia. He is non-verbal and when he is triggered he hits people. The mom is in the battle of her life trying to be her son’s advocate. She is tirelessly trying to get professional to understand what Misophonia is. I met with them today. I was amazed her resilience to fight for her child. As we talked about Misophonia and possible ways to help him, I could see that she fight every day with the school trying to explain her child’s behavior. The school does not believe Misophonia is real and is the cause for his behavior. I decided to give her a copy of your movie to share with the school staff and Principal. Jeff she almost started crying. It was something tangible that proved her son wasn’t crazy. She was so excited to take it to school. I will be calling the school to see if they can schedule a staff wide in-service to view the movie. It gave the mom hope that this condition is real. I just wanted to say thanks for tirelessly fighting to give a voice to those that can’t explain what it is like to live with Misophonia. I was able to work with their son and he let me put some Bluetooth devices on him that can be paired with his IPad. Jeff he went completely calm and you could see his whole body relaxed. He then gave me a big smile and a thumbs up. I saw the mom leave with some hope and tools (your movie) to share with his school. Just wanted to say when your tired and wondering if all of the hard work and effort has been worth it…..today I got to see it first hand in a mom. Thanks my friend for your movie.” -Patty Kalmbach, Audiologist

“It’s so emotional, I’d like to hug all the people of the documentary because I totally understand everything they talking about; I’m close to you all and your family and I think that together we can do something about misophonia, to teach others more about misophonia, how we feel, on our hopes of more peaceful living among them, the strong will that makes us survive in the midst of them all every day, tolerating so much suffering and anger to seem “normal”, to do our job, to see a movie, to sit in a train, to simply know someone new. Thanks Jeff so much, I feel less alone, in my kitchen alone at home, in my beautiful prison with golden bars through which I look at a world that seems less hostile, less different, less bad. ..sometimes the two dogs in the garden in front of the window do not bark and I let the peace of my loneliness.” -Adriano

“I’m sorry if my message comes out scrambled and rushed, but I’m feeling quit scatterbrained at the moment. I had received the Quiet Please DVD a couple of weeks ago, but was finally able to sit down and watch it in it’s entirely this evening. My mom was with me, but I didn’t really expect her to fully watch it as she was on her iPad playing games and whatnot.
I’m typing with tears in my eyes because of your documentary. The feelings it made me feel I can’t really even put into words. It hit the nail on the head. I can relate to each and every one of those people whom you spoke with. I’ve lived and continue to live with the suffering and anguish these people, yourself, and so many others live with every single day.
The last sequence is what hit me the hardest. How it was mentioned that they would do anything to find a cure for miso. Imagining what waking up and just not having it anymore would do for my life. I would actually feel like I’d be living, living without miso having a death grip around my brain.

What I wrote to tell you about is the impact it had on my mom. Growing up she would constantly tell me about how I just needed to relax and try to breathe. Or how I needed to try and suck it up and ignore my triggers… tonight she embraced me as I stood in the kitchen crying. She hugged me and told me how sorry she was, and how sorry she was that I dealt with this thing my entire life. This was huge for me, having someone actually understand more deeply what misophonia is and how it affects me.
So thank you Jeff, from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for creating this documentary and educating people and changing lives. I wish I could play it on a giant projector so the entire world could watch, educate, and believe. I hope every single day a cure will happen in my lifetime and if more people became aware it could happen. Thank you again, this girl in Pittsburgh really, really appreciates what you’ve done for the miso community.” -Courtney

“I just finished watching Quiet Please… and I don’t have words. My very first memory was when I was a baby, about 10 months; I was at the babysitter’s house, and her husband whistled a lot. I remember crawling away from him, trying to escape, hiding under the crib, and covering my ears with my hands. My entire life I lived with this, telling no one, hiding it, thinking I was crazy, until a few years ago when our marriage counselor told me, “There’s a name for that, you’re not crazy,” when I mentioned how unbearable I found ALL the noises my husband makes. She sent me some information, and I’ve been researching, with few successes, since then. Today, I am sitting here crying and typing, because I see how many other people are affected, just like me, just as much as me, and in some cases more than me. And I am not alone. And I am not insane. And I am not defective. Different yes, but not wrong, or bad, or undeserving, a hypochondriac, or an idiot.

I cannot fathom how difficult it was for you to sit through listening to people cry, sniff, talk, clear their throats, and every other sound that so many people consider a normal (non-annoying) part of life to make this film, yet I am grateful beyond expression that you did. I am going to watch it with my husband tonight, and I want to thank you for all the hours, days, months, and years you’ve put into this. It was not just for your life, because it if were you wouldn’t have shared it. This film has changed my life, and that’s not rhetoric; it has normalized and validated what I and so many others experience. Thank you Jeffrey, from the bottom of my heart, thank you.” -Victoria

“Jeff, Taryn and I watched this last night and when it ended, we were both silent for several moments; then we just held each and wept. Beautifully filmed, brilliantly edited, and compassionately written, offering hope and comfort and reassuring sufferers that they’re not crazy and they’re not alone. Taryn and I will both write with more feedback after we’ve watched it again and discussed it. Bless you. Thank you.” -Jen

“Hi Jeffrey – Thank you so much for creating this documentary! I can’t wait to share it with friends and family.
As someone who has been suffering with misophonia for as long as I can remember, it was really fantastic and validating to see this disorder covered in a doc. Not since the 20/20 piece has there been something this significant. If anyone reaches out looking for someone to connect with, I’m happy to be a resource or just someone who is here to listen.

And if you ever do any other misophonia work in the future, I’d love to participate. Thanks!” -Jessica

“I’m an 8th grade teacher from Ledyard, CT. One of my students suffers from Misophonia. In his words, “it really sucks!” He was super brave during a public speaking unit and decided to tell the class about the disorder. In the conclusion, he mentioned your film. I was wondering how I might get access to it. I noticed it has already been premiered and that it has been shown at film festivals, but I’m unable to find the documentary in its entirety. I’d love to watch it if at all possible. Thank you for taking the time to raise awareness about Misophonia. (The reason my student mentioned your film in the conclusion is because he wanted to prove that he wasn’t alone. I’m sure you can see how much of a difference that makes to him on a daily basis.)” -Jewel

“My 9-year-old daughter has started therapy to help with the anxiety that comes with this condition. Her therapist had not heard of misophonia but has been researching it since we started with her a few weeks ago. She watched “Quiet Please…”and returned my DVD copy back to me. She expressed that all of you did such a great job expressing and putting the human emotion behind the scientific research of misophonia. As a parent, I cannot thank you all enough for being vulnerable and participating in this documentary so that others can understand. It has truly helped my daughter get the help she needs, especially at school where they didn’t comprehend how awful this is (for all of us) to live with. This community is a gift of hope in a world of darkness. I wish I could hug all of you for helping!” -Anonymous

“After watching the extended version of quiet please by Jeffrey Scott Gould, I Felt Jeffrey had reached deep within suffers lives to expose and released some of their inner demons, giving suffers a voice, a stepping stone and hope in the future. The added segments: Art, Poetry and Music are means of self-expression that’s therapeutic to say the least, it was an excellent alternative and perspective for sufferers and none sufferers alike to adhere to.

I can only imagine how challenging this film was daily for Jeffrey to produce, being a suffer himself and having empathy for its victims, yet in the face of adversity he conquered it. Well done Jeff your perseverance and dedication is a credit to you. Thank you for lighting the pathway.” -Julie

“Today I ordered the streaming version of “Quiet Please” and just finished watching it. At 46 years of age now and after suffering with this since around the age of 6, this documentary was so eye opening and emotional for me. There was no greater joy than the day when I found out that I was not weird or crazy and that there was an actual name for what was happening to me. After watching this documentary I no longer feel alone. They were normal people just like me that have this plaque of a disorder that effects your whole life. I cried through the most part but also found myself chuckling at some of the similarities of my triggers. Thank you for this film. It has validated me and gives me strength to know that I’m not alone.” -Christina

“Well, I finally did it. I put off watching the movie for months because I knew it would be emotional, but tonight, I watched it. I would give my right arm to have been able to see this movie when I was a child struggling with the craziness we now call misophonia and thinking I was the only one. Seeing and hearing the stories told in this movie…well, there are no words to adequately describe how meaningful it is. You captured the despair, confusion, and stubborn hope for relief that we misophones share. Thank you so much for making it.” -Anonymous

“Your documentary is beautiful. I love how everything is incorporated into it: family, school, work, friendships, music, poetry, art, and science. I love that you and all of the documentary’s participants made me cry. And I love, that in the end, you made me smile, hitting just right, the note of positivity and hope. It is relatable, and I do not mean just to a mom like me. I mean, I feel that ‘Quiet Please’ will be an eye opener to so many that truly just do not understand. Thank you to you, and to all that helped make the documentary possible. I cannot wait to share it with family and friends, and maybe even with my daughter’s school. You owe me a box of tissues.” -Kelly

“Hi Jeff! I just finished watching the film. I love how you involved hobbies that suffers use to give themselves joy like exercise, painting, music. I think it’s super important to separate yourself from the mindset of “I’m a person who suffers with noise” sometimes, as it can be mentally exhausting. Jessica’s part in the film was my favorite. I also love the depth you went in with the stories of the people, their career choices, life with their family, their relationships. They really opened my eyes more about myself and the persons are super inspiring to me. Everything they said, I’ve never connected with strangers so much. The involvement of neuroscientists and professionals on the condition was an important element to the film too! The last comments of the people were super heart-warming.

I’m super happy with how it turned out, I couldn’t ask for more. I will share this beautiful creation with all of my friends and my loved ones. 🙂 Thank you for allowing me and my mom to be a part of this. Best of luck to you!” -Brianna

“My wife and I watched the documentary together. We think it’s a wonderful and courageous job. Somehow it helps us to have more perspective on our personal problem and to see that we are not alone in this. Thank you for that. We send you a warm greeting.” -Mario

“This is certainly a very exciting time for the film! Thanks for the updates, I’m really looking forward to the launch date. This is great news and you must be very satisfied. You’ve worked hard to make the film, promote it, and soon it’ll be available to SO many people. This is really a big accomplishment, congratulations on having vision and the skill, temperament, and fortitude to make this happen. It’s an impressive accomplishment.” -Paul

“Ellie and I had a meeting last week with her teachers, guidance counselor, asst. principal and school psychiatrist the other day about her 504 plan.  The guidance counselor sent everyone the trailer for Quiet Please prior to the meeting.  I couldn’t expect them to watch the movie so I thought the trailer would give them an idea of what Ellie is coping with.  It was really helpful. Thank you.” -Kathy

“Thank You Jeffrey Scott Gould so much for Quiet Please! I’ve felt like such a misfit all my life and then watching this, I cried through a lot of it! I could totally relate to Ren (The Kretzmer Family). These are my people!!! She reminded me the most of myself. I tear up and cry and can hardly speak about the daily struggles with misophonia. I can tell she fought back the tears a lot. I know they live far from me but I’d love to text with them. I understood her completely. My heart really went out to her because she seems as exhausted and hopeless as I sometimes do. Everyone in the film was great and most of what they said was spot on!!! Thanks for making this great film! I hope it brings much positive awareness to misophonia!!!

The artwork of your face in strips was done so well, and the man who sang with the guitar at the end was great too. He really gets it. I felt like he was speaking my own words!! Thank you Jeffrey!! I don’t feel quite so alone after seeing these people and their stories that are so much like mine!” -Heather

“I wanted to say thank you for this film. Yesterday after my parents saw the film, for the first time in my life I felt there is hope. I’ve been facing this loneliness since I know myself and for the first time in my life I didn’t feel alone. My mother said sorry, you are not alone and we now understand what you have been facing your entire life; I can’t say how much joy this simple sentence gave to me.

A week ago I decided to cut of my communication with my parents because it was too hurtful to try and convince my parents to believe me that it’s not something so simple and easy to manage, and that they needed to be supportive and just believe me when I say it’s hurting me. Only a misophoner could understand the pain when your family, and the most important people in your life – don’t believe you and are denying you have a problem; leaving you to face life on your own since the age of 8.

So thank you for making me wanna fight the world and not give up; I was pretty close to that. Thank you for passing through what I’ve being trying to say for 20 years and nobody listened. From the depth of my heart. Yours sincerely” -NS