Quiet Please… a documentary about misophonia, a relatively unknown disorder related to the processing of sounds in the brain. Literally translated, misophonia means “hatred of sound”. 

Hearing is a gift: the sound of the ocean, music, or gently falling rain; however, we all have certain sounds that we find annoying or discordant; such as the proverbial “nails on a chalkboard” or a baby crying incessantly. For some people, selective sounds go beyond annoying and can ultimately dictate and consume their lives and relationships; it’s like an autoimmune disease, when the body turns on itself…but in this case, your sense of hearing backfires and elicits rage, anxiety, and a life of isolation.  Although we will feature clinicians that are actively involved in misophonia research and patient care, this film is all about the emotional and psychological toll this order takes on lives and families.

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