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“Quiet Please…” is now available in 50 territories with Spanish and French subtitles; my goal is for the film to educate the public and validate those who suffer from this debilitating condition on a global scale.  To help us facilitate our lofty misophonia awareness goal, we need the film on more streaming services, and in more languages.  The following subtitles are in development through generous volunteers: German, Italian, Portuguese, and Dutch.

How You Could Help

Subtitle SampleUnfortunately, the translations are only a part of the process; there’s a $500 distributor fee per language, to localize the: subtitles, trailer, artwork, and metadata (synopsis, credits).  Additionally, I would like to pitch the film to: Netflix, Hulu, VUDU, Fandango NOW, and other respected streaming services.  The distributor’s fee to prepare, conform and present “Quiet Please…” is $1,500 per streaming service.  Anything you’re able to contribute, would help to increase our audience and exponentially increase misophonia awareness. Thank you.

There’s a need…

Letters from viewers“Jeffrey, I cried, because it really is a great feeling knowing that I’m not alone and that this condition now has a name and it’s just so amazing knowing it’s finally getting acknowledged. The whole time I was watching it, I couldn’t stop thinking “God, I need to share this movie with my father who also suffers from misophonia, and my mom who never understood him and me…”.  So many people I wish I could share this movie with, but I am from Brazil, where we speak Portuguese, the only way they could watch it and understand it, is if there was translation.” -Carina


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